How To Flock a Christmas Tree – Easy & Cheaply

Hey Everyone, In this video I share how you can flock your Christmas Tree easily and on a budget.

I share with you a DIY Recipe that includes products that you have around your home or that you can pick up for such a bargain.

This method was so easy and fun, even my 11 year old daughter joined in and we had a great time.

It takes about 12-24 hours to dry completely and it looks amazing. I also used snow spray but you could just use the recipe as that’s what gives it the snow has fallen effect.

I would say the snow spray gives it a frosty look.

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p.s The DIY Recipe –

Modpodge or I used 230ml PVA/White Glue + 115 ml(half the bottle) of water and Mix it.

1 Cup of CornFlour/Cornstarch

1 cup of Shaving Foam


In Today’s Video I share my Daily Kitchen Routine with you. With having 4 Children I have so much laundry and Tidying up to do, it’s a little crazy πŸ™‚ I hope this Video Gives you some cleaning motivation and you can clean with me! Lets Do This!

Come to Poundland- Christmas 2020

Hey Everyone, I this Video I share with you whats New In Poundland October 2020 for Halloween & Christmas.

Extreme Clean With Me Motivation 2020

Hi Everyone, in today’s Video I take you around me Cleaning my Kitchen, Living Room and My Sons Bedroom! It’s messy after not doing hardly anything over the weekend as I was poorly! Hope you enjoy this video and it is motivational if you know you have a lot to organise. I also did this over a few afternoons so don’t feel you have to do everything in one day.

Hey Everyone! Today I share with you 6 Work From Home Mom Jobs! When I became a Mum I decided that I wanted to work from home and I feel that a lot of Mums feel the same. However, we don’t know where to start! I hope this Video Helps!

6 Work At Home Jobs For Stay At Home Mums

Welcome back to another blog post! I am so excited to share today’s post with you which is 6 Work From Home Jobs For Stay At Home Mums.

Being a work from home mum has always been a massive passion and focus of mine since I had my daughter in 2009. When I was pregnant I thought I would go back to work part-time and everything would be fine, no stress and no problems.

Except when she was born, I didn’t want to go back to work and leave her, I wanted to be a stay at home mum.

I wanted to be the one to feed her, to change her nappy and watch her walk around and play. The thought of going back to work make me feel so anxious so I decided to start making money whilst I had her with me at home.

Back in 2009 the internet wasn’t as big as it now especially when it came to working from home online, I mean who even did that! We are so lucky in 2020 that working from home is what people are wanting and needing to do more and more.

Back then I posted catalogues around the village where I lived whilst pushing my baby in the pram, in the rain and snow. I did this then discovered the online world of work which I love and recommend for stay at home mums.

It is amazing to be a stay at home mum and also provide for your family which is why I am so passionate about helping other mums do the same.

6 Work From Home Jobs for Stay At Home Mums

As a stay at home mum and a work from home mum to four, I know what it is like. I understand the juggling act, to have babies and small children, fitting in the naptimes, sorting the house out, cooking as well as looking after your children which is a full time job in itself.

You want a job that is flexible and fits in with your family life as you still want to be a stay at home mum.

My favourites are in the top 6 I am sharing below so hope you enjoy!


Etsy is a perfect Business to start for stay at home mums especially if you love to be creative.

There are so many ideas of things you can sell to make a profit from physical products to digital products.

Being an etsy seller fits in with the life of a stay at home mum, you can work when your little ones are sleeping in the day or evening. You get to decide when you work as you are your own boss, how great is that.

As you have an online shop you get to manage your shop from your laptop or mobile phone, take photos of your stock on your phone, post information on your phone, even reply to message on your phone.

Especially hearing the cha ching whilst you are playing with your children.

This post is great to help you with the steps to start a etsy store, its is from ETSY itself so definitely a good read.

2.Network Marketing

Network Marketing or direct sales is great for a stay at home mum if you love the companies products. As a direct seller you are sharing your love of the product and receiving a commission as well as earning from your whole team sales if you decide to grow your team.

You can grow your business completely online using online media! You can take photos or videos of the products and post them on your social media platforms to your friends or following.

You usually make about 20% + of the sale of the items sold so if you are passionate and love the products anyway its a win win.

You can easily fit this job into your life as a stay at home mum as it is mainly based on social media. You would use attraction marketing techniques to grow your followers and then customers. The key to this business is not to be spammy, this post is a great read as it shows you how to promote your business without being spammy.

3. Blogging

Blogging is amazing but you don’t make money overnight. You need to be consistent and as your blog and social media grow so will your income.

Blogging is perfect for stay at home mums as you can fit it in around your sleeping baby or write your blog in the evening when your children are all asleep in bed.

You will discover a huge community of bloggers online that are just like you starting a blog to create an income for your family.

There are so many niches to choose from and it may be a bit daunting if you don’t know where to start. I recommend Suzi from, she has an amazing blogging course called Blog By Number which I have purchased myself and it really helped me to get started with my blog.

I share a blog post which you can find here where I share the steps to take for a beginner blogger.

4. Youtube

Youtube is similar to Blogging in that it is an amazing job for a stay at home mum but it takes time and consistence to grow your channel.

Youtube pays you when you have been monitized and for this to happen you need to have 1000 Subscribers and have 400,000 Watch Time Minutes.

Youtube fits perfectly into your family life and you don’t need fancy equipment as your mobile phone’s camera should be good enough. If you start it and love it you can then invest in a camera such as the one I have a Canon G7X or even some lighting such as ….

I recommend watching Cathrin Manning as she has an amazing channel sharing how to grow a successful YouTube channel. I also recommend Hayley Paige’s video sharing how to make money on youtube and Hayley is a mom to two and pregnant with her third Child.

5. Virtual Assistant

Becoming a virtual Assistant is getting a popular job for stay at home mums. Here is a list of Virtual Assistant Services

  • Pinterest Marketing
  • Writing Blog Posts
  • Email Marketing
  • Social Media Marketing
  • Ghostwriting
  • Creating Listing for Etsy or Shopify
  • Podcast Scripting
  • Admin
  • Graphic Design
  • Tech Related such as SEO/editing
  • Bookkeeping

As you can see this is a list of examples of jobs you can do in the Virtual Assistant sector and there are loads more. You are working on someone else’s business as support however you can plan the time you do it into your daily routine unlike an employment job.

Check out Lauren Golden’s video, a fellow mama who shares how to start a virtual Assistant Business with no experience.

6. Coaching

Coaching is always on the rise and is a great way of create income for your family whilst helping other people.

There are so many different niches of coaching to choose from, for example coaches to help with your business and goal settings, mindset coaches, Law of Attraction Coaches, relationship coaches and more.

You can take an online course to gain a qualification but you may just be able to create your coaching businesses as you already have the tools to help other people.

Here is a video from one of my favourite YouTubers OhhmyAnnie where she shares how she has become a life coach and all the information you need to get started.

So here are my top 6 work from home jobs for stay at home mums, I hope you found it helpful. If you have any questions pop it in the comments box below .

Victoria x

5 Steps to Make the Law of Attraction Work For You

The Law of attraction works!

It is just as real as the Law of Gravity.

It is working all the time whether we believe it or if we are even aware of it.

Just like we use electricity every day in our lives. No one has seen it and knows what it looks like but we know its there and we are happy to use it.

In this post you will discover 5 Steps to Make the Law of Attraction Work For You.

What is the Law Of Attraction?

The law of attraction is a powerful universal law.

Simply put, you will attract into your life what you give your energy to. Whatever your focusing on you will attract back to you.

You are a magnet.

When we learn more about the Law of Attraction and how it can work for us we can purposefully create the life we desire.

It is Amazing!!

How Can I Make the Law of Attraction Work For Me?

I have been asked … ‘Victoria how can I make the law of attraction work for me? I am doing all the things I should be doing but nothing is working?’

I know I totally understand.

I could not get it to work for me either when I first started practicing it but I discovered that I wasn’t doing everything I should be to manifest my desires.

It’s funny thinking back as I remember reading about the Law of Attraction for the first time in 2013 and it blew my mind.

I was so excited and thought Yes! I am going to manifest Β£5000 this month, others have so why can’t I !! I didn’t attract it because I didn’t believe I could as well as some other factors in the 5 step guide below.

The Law of Attraction also doesn’t work instantly or we would attract things we really don’t want every time we had a negative thought.

My big tip is to start with something small like a feather or a free coffee. This is because you have no resistance to manifesting these things and you can easily bring it into your experience. Also give it a time frame, 24 hours, or in the next 3 days. Ask then let it go or if you think about it be excited to receive.

This is what I did.

I remember thinking ‘in the next 24 hours I want to manifest a pink feather’. Obviously we don’t have pink birds flying around so I thought that being pink would make me actually believe. I went about my day so let the manifestation go.

Later that day my daughter came up to me with picture of a lampshade she wanted for her bedroom, it was covered in pink feathers. Wow I thought! This was a sign to me that I attracted it and the Law of Attraction works. I ordered it for her so every time I see her lampshade it reminds me that we are creators.

Yes we are, Even you!

The more little things you manifest into your life the bigger trust and belief you will gain in the Universe and the law of attraction to bring your bigger desires into your reality.

5 Steps to Make the Law of Attraction Work For You

In this step by step guide I want you to find it simple to understand and easy tasks to take action to create the life you want.

Step 1- Know what you desire and Ask the Universe

The Universe is listening and bringing to you what you are repeatedly asking or talking about.

Are you talking about the fact you have no money?… the Universe’s response is.. here is more no money.

Don’t panic, we are here to change this cycle. It is good to know what you don’t like or want so you realise what you do want.

Sit down quietly and think about all the things you don’t like in your life. Is it your career, your relationships, your money, your health or something material like your car.

Ask yourself the question what do I want? Do you want a different career? If so what would you love to do?

If you are unhappy in your relationship, how would you like your relationship to be?

If you are single and would like a beautiful new relationship, what kind of person would you love to call your partner?

This is really fun task you will love to do. You will find that when you are discovering what you really want you to feel excited, inspired and more alive. That is because you, the real you, wants to do that thing or have those things.

When we feel good we are in alignment with our true self.


1.Write a list of what you don’t want or like in your life

2. Now list the opposite and be specific of what you want.

3. Throw the first list away you don’t need to read it anymore

Step 2- Believe that it is manifesting into your reality

How do you do this? You have to go about your day with the up most trust and certainty that you are manifesting your desire. This is why I said to start with something small as you have gained trust in the universe like with any relationship in your life.

You have to know that it is absolutely going to happen no doubt about it.

Now you will need to remove old beliefs that we call limiting beliefs. These will stop your manifestation coming to you as your thoughts in your subconscious mind are repelling it.

How do I do this Victoria?

There are many different ways but at first observe your thoughts and feelings.

Are you saying things like ‘ don’t be silly you can’t have that relationship you desire ‘ you need to pause and re write the sentence into a positive affirmation. For example ‘ I am in a loving, secure and happy relationship with ….’

Next your feeling. Your feeling are you indicator system.

If you feel good about something in your life you are in alignment however if you think about something and you feel anxiety or depression this is telling you you are not in alignment with some aspect of your life.


1.Listen to the words you are saying to yourself and change them into positive affirmations. This also goes for when you are having conversations about yourself to others, what comes up. Change anything negative to create new beliefs.

2. Listen to your feeling, do you feel good or bad about your weight, your relationship, the money in the bank. Your body is telling you what you need to change.

3. Write affirmations down and read them. Decide what works for you. You may want to write affirmations down every day or say affirmations when you are driving. Just make sure you are creating positive thoughts about your desires every single day.

Step 3- Visualise

What you see in your mind you will hold in your hand. In other words you see everything you want in your mind before you bring it into existence.

Why is Visualising so important in your manifesting steps to make the Law of Attraction work?

Is it our subconscious part of our brain that is attracting experiences into your life.

What is important to know is that your subconscious has beliefs embedded from your 6 year old self or younger. What beliefs your parents had or what they said to you has become fact in your subconscious mind. You may not even know you have a belief.

It is not your fault however your job now is to re wire your belief system- Use Step 2 if any beliefs are uncovered.


Sit down and think of your desires and visualise having them in your reality

You can choose one desire/goal at a time or even visualise one a day so you don’t get overwelmed.

Use all your senses when you are imagining. This makes the energy stronger.

A tip is to ask yourself questions. For example, if you want a new house… What does it look like, what colour are the walls? the kitchen cabinets, what does your house smell like, do you have fresh flowers as you walk in the front door? Do you have the smell of your dinner cooking in the slow cooker? Who is with you? What are you doing?

Can you see how good it is to visualise. The more you practice the more you will feel how real it is.

Step 4 – Raise Your Vibrations

You have to become a vibrational match to what you desire. I know it sounds a bit crazy!

The reality is you, me and everything in the universe is energy and we are all vibrating at different frequencies.

To attract better things in our lives we need to raise our vibrations.

Gratitude is one way, I would say the most important way to raise your vibration. When you are grateful, truly feeling the gratitude you are giving off positive vibrations through your thoughts and your feelings.

Also when you are grateful the universe rewards you.

Raising your vibrations or vibes is finding something that makes you feel good. When you feel good you will find something else to feel good about. You are naturally going to be attracting your desire towards you.

Examples are to exercise, to drink lots of water, to watch funny or inspiring films or programs, to have a relaxing bath, to listen to a mediation.

Also to journal your desires, like in step 3. Other examples are to surround yourself with people you love like your family and your pets. To give love to others, be creative, dance sing, laugh, and have fun.


Make a list of the things that you know make you feel good, happy and joyful. Make it a priority to carry out at least one thing a day to raise your vibrations. Also when you feel down or anxious look at your list and do something on it then inspires you in that moment.

Step 5 – Take inspired Action

The final step is to take inspired action.

I cannot tell you how important this step is in manifesting your dreams, your goals into reality.

What is Inspired Action?

Inspired action is when you get a thought or idea that pops into your head out of nowhere and you act on it. Or you know when you have a gut feeling or a nudge from your inner being and you listen and act. This in inspired action.

Its a thought of inspiration, a nudge in the direction you may have not been aware to go. Then when you act you discover the synchronicities or you manifest your desire.

You could also call it intuition.

You may have read that the HOW is not your job however the Universe has to deliver it to you thought people or experiences. Therefore sitting at home waiting isn’t going to work.

So if you get a message to meet a friend to soon discover they have a connection to a job you want. Maybe you decide to go out one night somewhere new and you meet your soul mate.


Be aware of signs, gut feelings and ideas and Take Inspired Action!

I hope you enjoyed this post explaining 5 Steps to make the Law of Attraction Work For You.

How to Use Tailwind for Pinterest to Explode Your Blog in 2020

Do you want to explode traffic to your blog or website using Pinterest?

If you have started a blog or thinking about starting a blog Tailwind is an investment well worth the money ( which isn’t a lot)

You want to work your blog like a Business for it to grow and become successful and using automation is an epic way to start.

Do you want to live a lifestyle with time freedom? Automation is the Key!


What is Tailwind?

Getting started with Tailwind is simple.

All you have to do is go over to there website, click signup with Pinterest to create your account.

You will need to authorise your Pinterest account but thats also easy as a pop up appears on the screen.

>>Click HERE to try Tailwind for Free!!<<

How does Tailwind Grow Your Traffic on Pinterest to your blog?

Tailwind has some great tools that help you rocket your traffic to your blog.

Tailwind has the following features

  • Weekly Summary

The weekly Summary is so helpful, at first glance you can see the shares, repins, pins and followers over the last 7 days. It lets you know the difference from the week before to compare the statistics.

  • Scheduler

This is the main reason I love Tailwind… the Scheduler!! Your Pinterest Scheduler that will save you time manually pinning at various times if the day. Instead, you can pin to a ‘queue’ to be posted at an optimal time.

Just so you know, when you set up your Tailwind account you will have a readymade scheduler set up called a smart schedule which is based on your Pinterest analytics.

The starting number is 15 slots however I have added more slots to schedule more pins to Pinterest.

What is great about this scheduler is that you can add or remove time slots to suit you.

  • Tribes

Tribes are like Pinterest Group Boards. As you can see in the image below you have many tribes to choose from within your niche.

You can pin your own pins to the relevant boards and also pin other Pinterest users pins. These Tribes are in different Niches so you can find one that perfectly fits your content.

You will get notifications when also Tribe mates pin your pins to their Pinterest Account.

This is where the magic happens, with the help of tribe mates sharing your pins, more eyes are going to find your pin and therefore you will gain more traffic.

  • Smart Loop

Smart Loop is a great tool.

It lets you post your best pins at the optimal times in a loop, over and over so you don’t have to schedule them in the scheduler.

  • Board List

This is where you can organise your board lists where it becomes easier to pin especially when you have a lot of group boards to pin too.

If you have a blog with various topics you can organise the board list so you can post to one niche.

  • Insights

The insights is a great tool for discovering what is working well and what is not.

You can find out how your pins are performing, your boards are performing as well as how much traffic is leading to your website.

You can also connect your account to google analytics.

How To Use Tailwind to Increase Traffic

Now you know the tools you can use with tailwind to increase your traffic to your website via pinterest I will share the top tips to make it happen.

Remember Consistency is key

  • Install the Tailwind extension on your laptop or computer so you can pin to multiple boards at the same time
  • Add Your Pins to your tribes
  • Use Smart Loop for your most Popular Pins
  • Check your Insights regularly
  • Make sure you pin 15 pins a day – Make sure 1-3 are from your own website
  • Create 3 Pin images per blog post
  • Create new pins for old posts- Play around with the fonts and colours to see what gets the best results for you
  • Post to your most relevant board first before scheduling to other boards and group boards.

How much is Tailwind?

If you pay annually it is $9.99 a month or monthly $15 Monthly.

I recommend the annually, not only do you save money overall you have the option of unlimited pins.

Is Tailwind Worth it?

I am a person that won’t buy everything especially when I have Four Children haha!

Tailwind not only saves me a lot of time it actually brings traffic to my blog that wouldn’t have happened before.

If you want to turn your blog into a business, Tailwind is what you need.

All I do is schedule a day a week to pin a weeks worth of pins as well as schedule out a new pin to the relevant boards.

The insights is brilliant for discovering what content people love the most so you can create more.

In 1 month since Joined Tailwind (again- I used it briefly for an old blog and got over 200k Monthly Unique Viewers Very Quickly) I have gone from no strategy to an actual strategy that is working. This is a new account but I can see the momentum starting now and I can’t wait to share next month with you.

>>Click HERE to try Tailwind for Free!!<<

Some other posts you may find helpful

Create An Amazing Stay At Home Mum Schedule that Works

Do you want to be an organised stay at home mum but don’t know where to start? Time to create a stay at home mum schedule.

In this post you will discover what stay at home mum schedule works for you so you can feel organised…. plus some tips to get you started!

Firstly an organised stress-free stay at home mum is what we dream about right?

From being pregnant with your first child to even struggle as your family grows.

We have it all planned in our heads, don’t we? the perfect scenario, the house organised to perfection, and a stress-free mama.

Oh I’ve been there, done that and got the t-shirt.

Reality ladies… I was an unorganized mess until I created a schedule that worked for me.

So how do I create a Stay at Home Mum Schedule?

I promise you, you can create a stay at a home mum schedule that works for you and your life. Implementing a schedule is the key to gaining that control you crave and feeling happy and content as an organised mum.

You need a schedule that works for you. Where you have an organised home and enjoy your life with your family without worry or guilt.

So let’s get started.

First Mama… Consider your top priorities for the day

We only have 24 hours a day and we need our sleep within that time. Don’t be hard on yourself that you can’t get everything done that you want. You have to be realistic in what you can accomplish that day and feel happy with what you have done.

What are the priorities that are non negotiable?

Here are some examples

  • Daily Household Tasks ( cooking, laundry, dishes )
  • Spending Time with your kids and Other Half
  • Self Care ( reading, writing, meditations, exercise )
  • Work from home ( Blogging, Social Media)
  • You may have appointments, seeing family or playdates
  • Sleep

What is your most productive time of the day?

Some mums work better in the morning, others when their children are napping or maybe when your children are in bed at night time.

Your most productive time of the day may shift as your children grow older or your family grow.

I remember getting my housework done the first hour my first child slept and had some me time the second hour. It was bliss.

When I had my second child this wasn’t the case as I had a 2 year old to look after.

I ended up doing my housework instead with my happy helper.

Decide what works for you. It’s trial and error until you feel you are in the best routine for you and your family.

Secondly…What Priorities have a set time in the day?

What time do you get up in the morning?

Could you get up a little earlier than your children so you can use that time to work on one of your priorities?

Obviously this will depend on your child’s age/s and what time they get up in the morning.

My Children get up at approximately 7 am so get up at 5 am, half of the week to get my work done. I find it very difficult working around 4 children when they are awake.

This is my current routine as it’s School holidays but it could change soon and that’s ok.

Does your Child nap?

If your child naps, you could use this time for one of your priorities as we know its easier to get things done when they are sleeping.

You could use this time to have a relaxing bath and pamper yourself, or watch your favourite programme on tv. You could get your housework done or even get some work done if your a work from home mum too.

Are you a school mum? What time do you need to start getting ready and be on the school runs for?

Isn’t the school run fun πŸ™‚ I remember before my Children stated school and didn’t have to be anywhere for a certain time, oh they grow so fast.

You may like to read 7 Steps on how to get your kids to school on time stress free

What time are the meal times?

You will need to know this to prepare the meals in advance, the time to eat and clean up.

What time does the evening routine/bedtime start and end?

Do you have a set bedtime routine every night for your child? What time does it begin and what time does your little one go to sleep.

What time do you go to sleep so you get the right amount of shut eye for you to feel ready to take on the day.

Thirdly…Time Block Your Day

Now here comes the actual stay at home mum schedule after you have all the information of the day.

This is the exact system I use to keep organised as a stay at home mum, half the week I get up very early as I’ve found that I get my work done in peace therefore most productive.

This is my stay at home mum schedule for the school holidays

My Children are 5,7,9 and 11

5-530 Get Up, Make Coffee, Mindset Work( Meditate or Script)

5.30- 7 Work on blog/Business

7- 8 Children get up, Get Ready, Eat Breakfast together. Clean Kitchen whilst they play independently

8-9 Sort the laundry/ work on household tasks of the day

9-10 Spend time with the Children

10-1130- I work on my blog/ Business whilst they Independent Play

1130-12 Prepare Lunch

12-1 Eat Lunch / Clean up the Kitchen

1-3 Get out of the House- we visit family or go for a long walk

3-4 Quiet time – Reading, drawing, writing

4-5 I prepare Dinner

5-6 Dinner time

6-730 Bedtime Routines, bath, Reading time for the Children, I sort any laundry

730-8 Children go sleep, I have a bath- Listen to audible

8 + Spend time with my partner, of he isn’t here I fall asleep from 930 to a meditation

Best Tips To Become an Organised Mum

Create mini routines

Within each priority or task create mini routines.

Create a morning routine for you where you get some you time before your Children wake up, this is so important for your self care. Us mums are only human after all.

Having a routine for your children’s bedtime is also beneficial as children do so well in routines. They love structure.

Having mini routines just makes your life easier when the actions become habits.

Change the schedule if needed

If you need to change your schedule don’t worry. As you know days with Children don’t always go to plan so don’t stress, you’ve probably done a lot more than you think.

Create a daily home organising system

Having a daily cleaning system is vital for having an organised house as you are on top of your housework. Having Children does equal more mess and more to organise. However if you know exactly what you are doing everyday you will see that you home is much more tidy and organised.

If you want a great home organising system I recommend Gem from The Organised Mum Method, a simple system that you could follow.

What can the children join in with

Having your children join in with daily tasks is so good for them to watch and learn. It may be hard to start with but just think when your child is a teenager they will do it as its become a habit.

Plan meals in advance

Create a weekly meal plan with all the ingredients you will need for each meal. This will help you when you are doing your food shop so you know exactly what you need to purchase. Nothing is worse than when you are about to cook a meal and realise you don’t hvae one of the meain ingredients.

Use snippets of time

If you have 10-20 minutes of spare time in the day (when you are feeling super organised) then have a little list of things you can do in that time. Maybe put some clothes away, or clean a window or two. You will find that you will also feel productive when you are accomplishing extra things.

Prioritise You

Don’t forget to prioritise you. You need to rest mentally and physically as being a mum is a hard (but rewarding) role.

If you are constantly on the go you will burnout.

Take some time for you, whether its a relaxing bath, reading a book or even a run or session at the gym.

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What Does a Pinterest Manager Do?

I am guessing you have landed on this blog post because you are interest in becoming a Pinterest Manager?

Well look no further I will share with you 6 Services you can offer your potential clients.

As a Pinterest Manager, this amazing business gives you flexibility to work around your life whether you have kids or other commitments.

What does a Pinterest Manager Do

I am also sure you enjoy using Pinterest for yourself and its Amazing that you can get paid for doing something you love, Bonus!!

You may have come across ‘Pinterest VA’ as well as ‘Pinterest Manager’ It is known that a Pinterest VA (Virtual Assistant) has just started their Business and a Pinterest Manager has more experience. However business owner decid which they prefer to be known as.

These are the 6 Services a Pinterest Manager can Offer, you don’t have to offer every services as its your Business afterall.

What Services Does a Pinterest Manager Offer?

Pinterest Account Audit

A Pinterest account audit is a full account review and the Client is provided with a detailed report or video call sharing what needs to be done to improve the traffic to their website. The Client wants to know if they need to make any improvements to their Pinterest Account and what strategy they need to be using instead for ultimate success.

You would review different areas of their Pinterest account including

  • Profile Descriptions
  • Board Titles and Descriptions, Checking the SEO
  • Review Pin Images
  • Making Sure their Account is aligned with their Potential Clients, Customer or Reader
  • Checking the quality of their group boards
  • Their account activity/Current Strategy
  • Their tailwind set up if used
  • Making Sure there website is set up Properly to Convert the Leads

Setting Up their Pinterest Account for Success

Setting Up a Pinterest Account is a great service to offer when you are just starting out. It helps you put all your training and knowledge into action to create a great starting Pinterest Account for your Clients Niche.

You will be responsible for the following tasks

  • Create & optimize board titles and descriptions for search
  • Use relevant Keywords to optimize your account
  • Add pins to board ( certain amount)
  • Organise Boards
  • Find and get your account added to 5 tailwind tribes relevant to your niche
  • Enable Rich Pins ( Excluding the website setup)

Monthly Account Management

Pinterest Monthly Management is a great Service to offer especially when you are starting out.

You will be responsible for

  • Scheduled a certain amount of Pins in Tailwind daily
  • Create Pins for new content and repurpose older content with fresh images + SEO 
  • Schedule Repins from tribes
  • Add pins to appropriate boards, group boards and tribes
  • Account Optimization
  • Monthly Reporting

Creating Pins

If you love designing then this service will be something you will love and want to offer your clients. This can be offered along with the monthly management service or you can offer it as a separate package.

You would be responsible for

  • You would be designing branded click worthy images
  • Using their brand colours

Tailwind Set Up & Training

A client may just want their Tailwind account set up with training on what they should do to maintain it.

You would be responsible for

  • Initial setup of pin schedule ( using optimal times for maximum exposure)
  • First week of pins scheduled
  • Training on how to run tailwind
  • Schedule written

Pinterest Ads Management

This would be a service for a experienced Pinterest Manager/VA.

You will need to fully understand how to promote the pins and understand the clients target audience so they will get the most traffic as possible.

Your responsibilities would be

  • creating your Promoted Pin campaign
  • Choose your objective
  • Set your targeting criteria
  • Select your pin( make sure the description and SEO are clearly defined)
  • Track your results

There are 6 of the Services a Pinterest Manager/VA you could offer. If you are just starting out start with one or two services so you don’t get overwelmed. Gain your confidence and skills and you can offer more packages πŸ™‚

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