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Your Dream life is closer than you think...

It's time to Start telling the Universe what you Do want instead of what you don't want

What you think you become. What you feel you attract. What you imagine you create. -Buddha

Hello My name is
Victoria Jayne


I am a so glad you are here!

I am a Manifestation & Mindset Coach, Blogger and Mother of Four and LOVE sharing this AMAZING ‘secret’ with the world.

You are a Powerful Manifestor of your Own Reality, even though you may not know it yet!

I am so excited to share with you how to Manifest your Dream Life using the power of the Law of Attraction.





Start you manifesting Journey With Intention. You need to discover what you really want first before you ask the Universe

In 2009 whilst suffering with bad postnatal Anxiety I was told about a book that would change my life.

I didn’t act upon this however in 2013 after having my third child and having anxiety again I mentioned this book to my Step Mum. 

She already had it  and gifted me her book.  What a gift it was.

It is called ‘The Secret’. 

You see, I was supposed to read this book.  What you are seeking is also seeking you. It came to me when I was ready to receive.

I couldn’t believe what I was reading, why hadn’t I heard about this before.  

This book created a massive pivot in my life, for the better, I would call it a powerful energetic shift within me and to my life.

My Purpose, My passion is to share this knowledge about the Law of attraction with others so they can to create the life they love.

Make the law of attraction work for you

The Law of Attraction is working all the time just like the law of gravity! 

The only limitations is your own thinking.

You see, your subconscious mind has beliefs that just aren’t true from when you were a young child.  

You may not even be aware you have them.  

With the help of Personal Development you can change your beliefs, thoughts and behaviours

Then see your desires manifest into your reality!

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